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 Restorative Dentistry


Our office offers the latest in restorative treatments and technologies to help restore your smile.  Our restorative solutions include fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, root canals and dentures.


Restorative dentistry treatments include:


  • Fillings:  To treat your cavity, Dr. Ball will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and place a composite filling in the area of the decay.   The placing of a composite filling bonds to the tooth and allows the tooth to be as close as possible to its original strength.  Fillings are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth and/or teeth that have been worn down.

  • Crowns:  Covers a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size, strengthening and improving its appearance.  A crown may be recommended to cover and support a tooth with a large filling, a tooth that has undergone a root canal or that has been cracked, broken or chipped.  

  • Bridge:  Custom device that is anchored to neighboring teeth as it replaces one or more missing teeth.  Fixed bridges are cemented onto the teeth on either side of the space and cannot be removed from the mouth by the patient.  Crowns and bridges are prepared from high quality materials such as semiprecious or precious metals, porcelain, or a fused combination of the two.  

  • Dental Implants:  Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements that are used as a part of prosthetic artificial replacement dentistry in order to compensate for tooth loss.  Often the result is not only an enhanced smile, but also a more youthful appearance, since missing teeth cause the face to collapse, making you look older.  Technology currently uses titanium or metal implants while ceramic implants are showing promising results.

  • Root Canal:  Treatment used to save a tooth that is badly decayed and/or becomes infected.  Nerve and pulp, the soft area within the center of the tooth, can become irritated, inflamed and infected due to deep decay. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

  • Dentures:  Removable prosthetic that replaces missing teeth.  Complete dentures are for patients that have lost most or all of their teeth.  A partial denture is suitable for patients with natural teeth remaining and prevents the teeth from changing position.  A denture improves chewing and speech, and also provides support for facial muscles.    



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