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Holistic Dentistry


Holistic dentistry is a balanced approach to dental care that takes into account the impact that certain dental treatments and materials have on your overall health.  Dr. David Ball focuses on creating treatment plans that ensure his patient's teeth and gums are healthy.


Mercury-Free Dentistry

A major component of holistic dentistry includes mercury-free dental fillings.  Dr. David Ball provides his patients with a mercury-free dental experience. Mercury has been shown to cause exceedingly adverse health concerns, and the uses of mercury in old-fashioned dental fillings have been especially connected to an assortment of health matters.


What is Amalgam?

Amalgam is one of the original dental filling materials, with its use dating back to the early 1800s.  Amalgam fillings are comprised of various metals but what many people do not realize is that one of the main components in amalgam is mercury.


Amalgam fillings are silver or grey in appearance, and are generally only used on the back teeth in the mouth. 

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