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New Referral Rewards Program

We are offering our current patients a $25.00 credit on their account as a way of saying "Thank You" for new referrals!!  To say "Welcome" to the patients you refer, we will be offering all new patients $50.00 off their first out-of-pocket dental expense.  So take advantage of this great offer!!!


We always make room for your friends and family.


Call us for details or questions.

Our Exposure to Mercury & Fluoride

Mercury and Fluoride should be viewed with extreme caution.  Very small amounts can have damaging, toxic effects on the body.  Toxic effects for mercury are measured in ppb (parts per billion). Toxic effects for fluoride are measured in ppm (parts per million).  Warning labels are on packages of mercury silver filling material and on your tube of fluoride toothpaste for a reason.  Should this not be at least cause for concern?


Our practice makes every effort to eliminate or reduce exposure to mercury vapor and particulate, as well as, the use of fluoride.  The office has not placed a mercury silver filling since 1995.  Mercury waste from old fillings is collected and safely stored.  We recycle the mercury, silver and other metals to keep them out of waste water and the environment.  Soon, the practice of collecting mercury waste will become mandatory for all dentists to help protect the environment.  We, also, do not utilize fluoride treatments with fluoride trays or varnishes.  Our prophy paste used in the cleaning of your teeth does not contain fluoride, but uses xylitol to inhibit decay. 


There are safe and effective alternatives other than mercury and fluoride.  I have used them for years and will continue to research and evolve to reduce my own toxic exposure, my family's and that of my patients.


Let us know how we are doing...

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Products We Suggest To Help You Maintain Your Healthy Smile

Purchased Through Our Office Only

     Tooth & Gum - mouth rinse and paste

    Hydrofloss (oral irrigator)

    Bleach (teeth whitening)

    Periogel (Perio protect program)


Purchased Through Our Office, Retail Store or Online

     NOW Solutions Xyliwhite Toothpaste -

             Cinnafresh, Platinum Mint, Refreshmint

    Protech Denture Cleaner

    MI paste - inhibits decay


Purchased at Retail Stores or Online

     Spry Mints and Gum - Xylitol

             (sugar free and may inhibit tooth decay)

    Biotene Products for Dry Mouth

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